Children First Academy has recognized the poor eating habits of American children.

As first revealed during World War II, the government found that many young men were not healthy enough for service in the armed forces.  Research proved that this was a direct result of an ongoing diet deficient in nutrients.  Our focus is to eliminate the long-term effects of poor nutrition.

We at Children First Academy have joined together with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to help with their goal to improve the dietary habits of our youth. All meals prepared and served to our children are well-balanced nutritious meals. They offer a variety of items that will incorporate the childs individual preference while still enabling us to achieve our goal of providing a menu rich in vitamins and nutrients.

All meals are enjoyed in the comfortable surroundings of their classroom, meal preparation, service, dining and clean up are viewed as a time of learning as well as a time of fellowship.  Classes are encouraged to dine family style practicing the technique of passing.  Manners are reinforced during every meal.  Our time of dining is a very important part of our daily program.  We will take every opportunity to introduce and encourage pro social dining behaviors with our students.

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